ChasmaHub is an online shopping platform for buying eyewear powered by Drishti Eye Care System. Drishti is already a known brand in Nepal for eye clinics and hospitals all across the country. Due to a lack of human resources, we couldn’t provide optical service to all parts of Nepal. To fill that void, we thought of providing our services through this online eyewear store.

We believe that everyone has the right to see. So, the cost should not be a barrier to purchase eyewear to improve your vision. You will find high-quality eyewear at low and affordable prices.

Why ChasmaHub?

Looking upon the change in consumer behavior of buying and growing trend of online shopping, we got lots of queries for delivery of the spectacles/sunglasses at home or office. To address that need, we have initiated our online shopping platform so you can purchase eyewear at your convenience.

We started ChasmaHub to create an alternative to our physical eye store. However, it is not a complete replacement yet. We are working hard so you can get all the services that we provide at our physical store online.  You may need to visit our physical store if you need to order Progressive lenses or high power lenses. We are focused on prescription eyeglasses where your power glasses will be made to custom fit the eyewear you choose.

By circumventing traditional channels, engaging with customers directly, we’re able to provide a virtual shop and offer you the highest range of the branded eyewear as well as non-branded categories. We are committed to providing all our customers with the best quality products with large varieties and top-notch service. 

A part of the profit goes to a collaborative project between Drishti Eye Foundation and Aloka Vision Program. With your every purchase, you are helping a needy child to get an eyeglass free of cost.